Hello Hello – FT Island

I find this music video very amusing for a number of reasons. Why? Read on! Now this is a band like CN Blue, very creative and all their music videos can be interpreted in many ways. You get what I am talking about?

Now the plot in this song is pretty weird and muddled. I have to say the police and firefighters are a bit useless. Aren’t they meant to be saving lives not standing there doing nothing? They just let a guy into a burning building. Shouldn’t they be running in there to save him? *Shakes head* I am also thinking he is physic. He did have an image of the building burning before when he walked past it. The whole MV is really amusing. Useless police/firefighters, guy risking his own life to sing with a band in a burning building. I think it is trying to be an unpopular Korean drama set in New York or a tragic and non-funny skit.

The music is very good. I especially like the start when there was only a guitar playing. Nice. the hand movement is very addictive to just point out. I kept doing it when I say hello to people. LOL. The bridge of the song is also addictive. “Everybody say La, La, La. Everybody say  Ha, Ha, Ha. . .”

Apart from the plot of the music video, I loved the song. To rate I would give a 7/10. 😀


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