Mr. Simple – Super Junior


The song was a letdown to me. At first I was very excited as Super Junior made great songs and since they had some time off, I thought they had improved their skills. However, I found that the song did nothing and I was very disappointed. The song is kind of an electro pop. Yes, I said kind of. You can that or argue with me but there were times which transformed into a dance track and into an original pop song. There was too much change which kind of put me off.


Don’t know what to say. “Because your naughty naughty. “ Come on!!!


Their fashion was alright. Normal clothing with nice shoes. It could be considered as casual clothing. However when it came to the individual shots, why are ropes around the singers neck? That doesn’t really sound “normal” to me. Come on, as if you are going to on the streets with rope hanging around your neck. It isn’t right. I was expecting something more like from the teaser. Something out there and different from what they done and the others have done. Also the setting could have been improved on. LOSE THE BOX CONCEPT!!!

Live Performance

The dance for this song is very very very hard. Now , I am not saying this because I tried it (I did not) but the fact they have 12 people on stage at once dancing. It can be confusing when you are focusing on 1 person. They’re walking to the other side of the stage and going back. LOL.

And Rating?

Again I am disappointed in this music video. It doesn’t work out for me. Even those hardcore fans were disappointed themselves.  To rate I would give a 5/10. I am sure Super Junior can do better then this.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 🙂

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