Run Devil Run- SNSD

I basically love SNSD. One of the sexiest girl band groups on Earth. I have to say look absolutely beautiful in what they wear. Ha Ha Ha, Let’s keep goign before anything else you don’t want to know slips out. 😉

Now there is no plot in this music video. However just looking at the tilte of the song, you can draw out what the song is about. A devil (evil cheating guy) cheats with 9 girls (aka. SNSD). They all find out and chases him away by yelling at him “You better run, run, run.”

I am only joking. That is what I had in mind when it came out in Korean. Bahahahahahahah. No but seriously that does make sense with the title. The English in this song is really good. Good Pronunciation and grammar too.

Again they look good in anything. To rate this song, I would give them 9.5/10.  I can’t wait for “The Boys”. Its so cool from the looks of the teaser. I can’t wait. 😛

To watch their new Teaser click here: The Boys Teaser #1

2 thoughts on “Run Devil Run- SNSD

  1. So… You’re not really reviewing the song, but instead talking about how you’re excited for their new one. /facepalm


    1. I apologise for that. My memory is pretty bad, but I assume that this is a review that was pretty fast. As you can see it much shorter than the rest of the reviews. This is probably not the only review like that. But hey, the teaser made The Boys look awesome.


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