In Heaven – JYJ

Oh boy, I absolutely adore this song. It is one of the best songs of the year I have to say. Quite sad that they can not perform it live. I want to see it LIVE. Now this song is very unique and adds a different feel to the kpop genre.

Now in the music video, there is a definitely a plot. It isn’t complex, however my explanation may be. Okay, so there is this guy who feels his girlfriend’s death. He goes backs in time (or does he? It could be all a dream). He then sets out by correcting everything he does wrong and makes her happy, not like the start when she actually suicides. In the end both the boyfriend and the girlfriend die (the girlfriend didn’t suicide however a car was going to crash into her without her realizing when she stepped onto the road. Her boyfriend tries to save her, but does not). In the end they are both shown in Heaven.

Now the song is creative. The music video itself links back to the title of the song at the end. Now its me or the song has a mysterious feel to it. The melody has it. I am telling you. The voices are really dominating even though its a ballad.

I also have to say that Song Ji Hyo and Xiah Junsu actually makes a really good couple. HaHaHa, sorry Monday Couple.

It is a really good ballad not like the first song on their album. To rate, I would give it 10/10. 😀


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