They Are Coming – Wheesung

“Awkward position, don’t you think Wheesung?”

This song is absolutely awesome. Wheesung’s voice + RnB song = a song everyone must hear. It is very dominating especially Wheesung’s voice. It is very relaxing in my point of view as well but also a very tragic song.

Now the plot of the music video is not that clear. A guy loves this girl and the girl abandons him. He soon realizes that there are people after him and would attack his ex. He goes and save her and while they try to escape they are attacked. The girl does not want to leave with the guy so she stays back, telling the guy to go on. Maybe she is going to hold the attackers up, no one knows. No one knows her fate, but I think possibly dead with all the gunshots.However many unexplained sections of the story I don’t much understand.Whose the guy? Why did the girl stay back? Why when he looks into a mirrior he is wearing a suit? Is he the bad or a good guy?

Now I did say this before. The voice is very dominating and actually emits emotion through the tone and pitch of his voice. The girl at the start who raps, is his actual trainee Ailee. She is better than most rappers who I listen to (But not as good as Eminem) and her voice is really fitted into RnB songs. I would like to see more of her. Here is her cover of Halo by Beyonce –> .

Okay, to rate this song –> I’d be kidding myself if I would not given this song a 10/10. So I am going to give it a 10/10.

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