Indifferent Love – Fat Cat

Okay, there isn’t much to say about this song as there is no music video. Hmm.. save me from criticizing the song and letting me print off my essay for school. (Only Joking). This was a great song for a debut. And like any singer who debuts with a high, electropop song, their next song is gonna be a depressing song. (Only Joking again). I have no idea why I wrote that!

I have to say, she looks stunning in her red hair. I have to also say this song is a very good song to have on at this time of the year with Halloween coming up. You can imagine a black cat singing this song can’t you?

There is a massive flaw in this song. There are a lot of English and Korean right? Well, most of the English does not make sense. “Luv holic fallin’ that’s me love me boy za”, “The holic holic fallin fallin that’s me thats me love me baby” & “shining star no more super star”. What sense does this make. Whats a Loveholic falling? Who would love a falling loveholic? Holic is not even a word. Most of the sites I have been to for the lyrics and the live performances on Inkigayo, Music Core, Music Bank etc. have stated that holic is a wrod. Holic is not a word but only a suffix(Thank You

Anyway enough said. I have an essay to print and dinner is waiting for me. Good song for a debut, nice red hair (-.- no that type). 8/10.

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