Shake It Up – Seo In Guk


This must be the most catchiest song ever in 2011. A party/dance track that does not exceeds its boundaries and make it into an annoying song. I can literally imagine this song at a KPOP-themed party playing and everyone dancing to it. Seo In Guk has a great energy when it comes to singing thses kinds of song however I prefer him singing RnB than these party mixes.


Not much to say about the English in this song, it is pretty good.


Indoor party, other celebrities welcomed. Stay away balloons. Bring out the music. Its party time. The music video fits in with the song but when T-Ara’s JiYeon appearing out of the TV really did not. But beside that, I think the music video is fine.

Live Performance

The dance of this song is really what I did not think of. I thought of shuffling at one moment but when I saw the music video there was not much shuffling  in it. Anyway, but all of the moves on stage could always be pulled off at a party.

Anything Else

I would like to listen to more songs that have a happy feel. I think Seo In Guk sings a bit too much of sad & depressing songs.

And Rating?

Great Song —–> 9/10

Have Fun Watching. Troy 🙂

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