Message – MYNAME


Woah, was I blown away with this song? Yes. This has to be one of the best songs sang this year for a debut single. It is very professional. At first this song was really weird for me cause this song was about a message and sounded a lot like a EPIC FAIL song (Facebook Official). However it grew on me and now I like it. I would categorize this as an electopop song cause of its electric beat and tune. The chorus here is really good. Very catchy. Also the start of the song which was like “Yololololol. OhOhOhOhOh.” was really good.


Now there really isn’t much English in this song, just the odd few lines. However, they pronounce Message differently to us. They pronounced as “Mess-i-gee”.


ARGHHHH!!!! THE BOX CONCEPT AGAIN. However the lightning makes the music video balanced and really the box concept really isn’t show able.

Live Performance

WOW. The dance is really difficult. First your lying on the ground, doing scissor kicks and c-walking (?), next minute your standing up and jumping. Yes, you may think it is easy but with the extra odd dance moves, you probably need more than a few people and made extra hands to tangle you out of this mess.

And Rating?

Whoses kidding. 9/10. Great song, dance moves and music video.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀


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