Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker*

NOTE: I love the heading for this post. MUAHAHAHAHAHA….


This song, I find very awkward for some reason. I really like it however it really is not that great. I don’t know why I said that but it just is. It has this Michael Jackson feel to it. Okay I know why,  I like the song but not the singers.

Okay back to the song. It has this Michael Jackson feel to it especially when JS has his solo parts. The chorus was very catchy and I liked it a lot. Hyuna’s rap was eased into the song really well. However what I think would’ve made their song much better was a male rapper right after Hyuna’s rap. The section in between of Hyuna’s rap and JS’s solo was bland. Yes, I know the gap was very small however I think a male rapper would fit very well with Hyuna.

Music Video

Definition of sexy much? This music video is really, really good. Got me to the edge of my seat when I first watched it. But to be honest, the second time around I was bored. Third time and I wanted to watch something else. It was pretty werid when I watched it the fourth time. There are scenes that I think should not have fitted in, like the scene when they are singing on the roof of the building. Also something I am very confused about. JS was in Hyuna’s room and Hyuna was about to open the door. If I am right, they are in a hotel. If my observation was right, JS would have to be a pretty good climber or jumper to get back to his room. Or the hotel must of been a motel and consisted of only one floor. Oh well, to my next point.

The music video consisted of a Mr & Mrs. Smith theme, however the characters are not married. They battle it out but both I assume are dead by the end of the music video. Unless Hyuna’s a good bullet dodger and JS can walk through fire.

Live Perofrmance

Not a fun performance but a very sexy one. I just don’t understand the viewers. Yes I would say the performance was too sexy however somehow they don’t realize that much of the dance was changed. Actually I lost interest in the whole performance because of the change. Visually there is not much of a change however my mind is now put off the performance because it changed somehow.

And The Rating?

8.5/10 would be the perfect score for this song.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy


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