Somebody Else – Se7en (Korean Version)


I loved the Japanese Version of  “Somebody Else”. Must I say, this is the second best song on the mini-album. (The first is “When I Can’t Sing”.) I really love Se7en’s voice in this song. It’s the same singer however the song makes it sound so different to the rest of the album. Again, I really love the chorus. As soon this song was on my MP3 (Yes, I need to upgrade. NOW!), it was on replay for ages. I have to say, now that I am thinking of it, the Korean Version flows a bit more than the Japanese version. ‘Somebody Else~”.

Music Video

Can someone tell me where Seven city is? I would like to visit that place. Its looks really cool (& quiet & dark?). Anyway, only one major flaw which I happened to not get in the whole music video. “Se7                                  en City”. Could someone possibly tell me why there is a big gap between the “7” and “E”?

Anyway, another omantic video from Se7en. This one kind of relates to “I’m Going Crazy”. Let’s say, his girlfriend meets him on the streets of” Se7            en City”, and kind of does not want to meet them despite they do by walking past each other. So yeah.

Live Performance

I don’t think there is any. Is there?

And The Rating?

When I Can’t Sing & Somebody Else ———–> 10/10.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.

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