Blue – Big Bang


Is anyone else excited for their comeback? I think everyone is. I absolutely am anticipating their comeback and new concept/ style.  The teasers are rocking and very nice. Thierlatest song they released (Blue) is really nice. I don’t know for sure but I have a feeling this song reflects what happened to them in the past 8 months – 1yr. Amazing. I absolutely love this song. However it kin of uses the same outline as Love Song. Daesung still has 2 parts, T.O.P has 1 rap part. GD gets the most line. Taeyang is the last singer to be introduced the song and Seungri starts the chorus. Also comparing Love Song & Blue, the “I hate this love song” is the same as “I’m singing my blue~”. But beside that part, this song really has the blues. It is very nice and soothing in a way.

Music Video

This music video definitely reflects the song very well. The lighting particularly makes this video look very depressing. Even the smoke added into the music video looked depressing. The filter for the colour that was meant to be in the video is really good. *I think they used the same filter for their teasers*. Again the music video as well looks like Love Song. I don;t know why but Bad Boys also kind of had the same concept as Love Song. Actually now come to the think of it, Blue and Bad Boys are very similar. Let’s hope they don’t repeat the same thing in the their future music videos.

Now time to look at the plot. It tells a story of 5 guys who became heartbroken thanks to one girl. What is with this trend? Most of the KPOP bands (male AND female) have been hitting on the opposite sex. I don’t understand. Here are also a list of things I would like to point out in this music video which were awkward:

  1. G-Dragon runs funny.
  2. The girl has a face that kind of resembles a guy,
  3. Its me or the girl seems familiar.
  4. Big Bang looks kind of lonely in most of their music video (Baby, I’m so Lonely, lonely, lonely).
  5.  The smoke was a distraction for me.
  6. I thought the girl was an alien thanks to an angle which she was filmed at
  7. I think I am wrong but does that car have like 2 steering wheels near the end. (I am not sure, but it looks like it though).

Live Performance

I was actually surprised that this song had a dance. I is quite interpretive, nice and fitted in with the song as slow but meaningful dance. I’m not really keen on the lying down part which they have but what ever floats their boat. Boo Yah!

And The Rating?

Big Bang Comeback with this song is really cool. 9/10. 😀

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy.

Music Video Here:

Live Performance Here:

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