Heaven – Ailee


I really liked Wheesung. To know that he trained this girl to be a better singer than she was on YouTube is pretty amazing. I really loved this song. It is a great example of a good song, good voice and a somewhat good rap. She is one of the best singers I have ever heard (Anyone heard her version of Halo? It is like the real thing!). She has this good voice that I think only some singers can have (I still believe BEG have these skills). Now, I am confused her. I this song, you really can’t hear her rap. I Know she can rap. They Are Coming is an excellent example of her rapping skills. I can only hear a bit of rapping just barely audible behind “Heaven, Heaven, Heaven, Heaven”. That is about it. I am really disappointed. In the YouTube description box, they wrote that this song includes a good voice and rap. Yet no rap!

Music Video

Heaven – Jesus, we get the connection. I really love the music video here. For once, there is a music video that does not cross the line. Some videos are just dodgy and don’t relate to the lyrics. This song does which is amazing. The only thing I have to say is I hate the chorus part of the video. It looks too messy in my point view. It’s too cluttered and too bright. This video is also has this really good plot in it. At first we see Ailee and the Jesus guy. We assume they are going out because of how the video portrays them and the lyrics. However towards the end, we find out that her actual boyfriend comes and that the Jesus guy is actually Jesus himself looking down at Ailee. Such a touching video.

Live Performance

I love this live performance of this song. Manly the dance. It reflects beat and have these heavenly dance moves to it. Perfect to the theme of the song.

And The Rating?

Perfect voice, song, music video & live performance. Need more rapping though. 9.5/10.

Have Fun Watching! 😀 Troy.

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