Falling – John Park


This must have to be the most beautiful song so far for the year. Is this the year of the rookies? Ailee gave us a performance so good. John Park too gave us a great song. It truly can not be described with words. It makes sense. The lyrics are not beautiful. I LOVE THIS SONG. Now, to clear something up. On the table I have for my favourite 20 of the month, John’s song is pretty low. Why? Because I was under a rock. This song is like beauty. Why can’t singers be more like this when they sing?

Music Video

A great music video which connects with the title of the song. Falling. A shipping containers falling from the sky. In which a guy is in and singing to his lover. The music video is like the song. Can not be described by words. The only thing I really have to complain about with this video though is the ending of it. I really thought the ending felt plain. Also, the container had sunk really low. There is no way the container could’ve washed up on the beach. Oh well, Thank God John is okay. More songs. Yah!!!

Live Performance

No dance. No need to complain.

And The Rating?

9.5/10. Love the song, music video & performance.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.

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