Bad Boy – Big Bang


At first, the teaser did not live up to the standards of Big Bang’s previous hits like Haru Haru, Lies, Love Song, Tonight, Love Song etc. However now, I love this song because I am listening it in a whole. The teaser still is boring a plain. There is nothing I can say about this song, this song does take it back to its good old days with hip hop. I quite enjoyed this song. Even though it is much different to the rest of the album, I say it is really good. Well, there is still one more complaint from me. When Taeyang sings “My La-La-Lady~”, it felt awkward and did not fit the rest of the song. Yeah, my thoughts. Don’t Kill Me.

Music Video

In Blue we see all the members have a relationship with one girl. Now in a matter of days, Big Bang is finally in a relationship again but with their own girlfriends and have also broken up with them. Question Big Bang: Why are you bad with girls? Tonight, Love Song, Blue, Bad Boy, What Can I Do, Heartbreaker, Only Look At Me. Yeah, trend going on here. I know the producers come up with a different plot each time but this trend is a bit boring for me. Same thing all over again. Now something I love about this music video. They filmed this in New York.  I really love new York. Even though I had never been there, but its scenery is pretty awesome. The whole back streets of New York setting in this music video sums up the whole music video experience. And also, it is currently nearly the end of winter there. Don’t Big Bang feel cold, especially Taeyang. The others are wearing jackets (expect Daesung. He was wearing short sleeves.). But Taeyang was wearing no sleeves at all. Poor Taeyang.

Live Performance

I am not entirely happy at all with the live performances in general. One of the stages which I’ll embed into the post below was a, I dunno, too small. Yeah, really not a good place to dance to this song. There is a lot of hand action (Insert Dirty Jokes Here) in the performance, so there is nothing to comment on.

And The Rating?

Great song, Great music video. It lives to its standards. 9/10.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.

Music Video Here:

Live Performance Here:

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