Touch – Miss A


This is one the of the songs you first hear it and your like ughhhhh. But after hearing it for 3 times, you start to like it. I remember not being able to listen to at least 30 seconds of the song but now I can sit myself at the computer and listen to the song start to end! I really love the start of the song, It has a mysterious feel. Then the instrumental eases into the actually song which I pretty nice. I do really love the whole instrumental of the song. However Miss A’s voice, I find, really don’t go well with the song. I find Good Girl, Bad Girl; Breathe; Goodbye Baby much better songs. Their voices don’t suit this song in anyway. The rap was the only thing I nejoyed in the actual song however I still find it out of place. Not the best Miss A song I know of.

Music Video

Oh, Music Video? NO!!! At first I thought the song was bad until I saw the music video. There is one thing about this music video which I love about it: it’s atmosphere. The atmosphere is really mysterious and creepy. Also the room which the girls dance in is pretty nice and different (SM Ent., I am looking at you). This music video would have that, “If I die, lay me in a bed of roses” kind of theme to the music video which I really great. It is also great JYP Ent. can use computer graphic effects in this music video. (Sarcasm).

Why is Fei wearing headphones around her neck? That does not fit in at all! Why is that guy trying to “seduce” the members with a lot of red roses? (When I mean “seduce”, I really did not find a word that technically sounded good, so I went with seduce). Why is there random flashes when their dancing in the room? Why? Oh Why?

Live Performance

I hate their choice of clothing? I guess their dead so their wearing some kind of mummified theme clothing but it really looks like a long rubber strip wrapped around them. Not really the best clothing. If they did do a performance in their black lace dresses, then that would be better.

The dance also does not fit in. Not happy, Miss A or JYP. The dance is more of a robotic dance rather than a dance full of emotions. There is basically not emotions in the dance at all, which I find weird since the whole song is like sad a depressed. Sorry Miss A.

And The Rating?

I really want to be fair, but this song, music video & performance has not lived up to its expectations that I thought it would. 4/10. Sorry Miss A.

Have Fun Watching! Troy. 😀

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