I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me – 2AM


Ummm…. Nice engrish? “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”. Shouldn’t it be “I Wonder If You’re Hurt Like Me?“? LOL.

2AM is back with another slow but moving song. I am not a fan of 2AM and I don’t really like listening to their songs. However this song is much different. For some reason, I just can’t listen to a whole album or song by 2AM. I am a fan of ballads and that is what 2AM sings, however they are not the best. This song is much slower than normal songs and I am very pleased about the qualities of song. The vocals are very slow and blend themsleves nicely into the slow instrumental. I really love the chorus of the song and the “Hoo, Hoo … Hoo, Hoo” part.

Music Video

I personally love all their music videos on the other hand. They have a clear and defined plot. Their plots are usually much different from other KPOP ballads. The music video is about Jinwoon. The mini piano is what allows him to remember things. Without it, he would not remember anything. Hence why, he has only around 10-12 memories books on the shelf because the mini piano had broken a year and a bit ago. Without the piano everything will slowly be wiped out of his memories including all the photographs of his girlfriend and the letters she had written to him. Why? Because (and I am only assuming), the girl is dead and the only thing that can remind him of her are his memories. By the end of the video, all the memories would have gone. Since there is nothing on this world that would bring them back, Jinwoon too goes (or dies). Hence, why the piano is left at the end at the old man’s shop, no one to pick it up.

NOTE: I believe my plot summary is confusing and dodgy. For a more accurate response, don’t take my summary literal.

Live Performance

No dance for a song that requires no dance. 😛

And The Rating?

Very first 2AM song which I enjoyed. 8.5/10.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

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