Hey You – CN Blue


I really like CN Blue. They are a South Korean Band not a dance group. While all the viewers are amazed by the choreography or a song, it is great to know that there some groups/bands dropping choreography. An exmaple is CN Blue. They are just rocking on the stage doing their thing.

This song, I believe revisits their “I’m A Loner” days (I think I have I’m A Loner review somewhere here, but for some reason it won’t upload). What I love in this song is the catchy-ness of all of their songs, without doubt this one.  There is one flaw which so far I have picked out, the completly legit Engrish in the song. Now I know, CN BLUE is not known for having foreigners in the their band but seriously, “Once again, back again. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful one day.” Why can’t they just leave out the part in English and just have Korean in their song?

I am sorry if I angered any BOICEs out there. It just me sincere thoughts about the song. Beside the English, the song was really good.

Music Video

Ever want a music video for a Korean band to be filled up with foreigners? Well, this is the music for you. There may be one or two Koreans in there but seriously, why is there a whole heap of foreigners in CN Blue’s music video. Also where are they, I get they are in some hall, backstage like. I get why there is a cleaner, pizza delivery guy and make-up artist. But someone please tell me why there is those airport guys in the hall. I doubt thier back up dancers because CN Blue never has an choreography in their music. Okay may be you guys do not know who I am talking about. Well, I am talking about this guy:

Like who is he? Where did he come from? Well, there is something we all know, the PD or director went a bit over the top while looking for people to dance around like a dork.

Also, Jonghyun took this guy’s red stick away. What does the guy do? Dance. Like A Man. LOL.









Live Performance

Just a  live band playing their own song.

And The Rating?

9/10. The music video was funny and the song lyrics were confusing. Besdie those things, everything was good.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 🙂

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