Goodbye Baby – Miss A


Okay, this song is an okay song. It really is not that good in my point of view. Actually I don’t find any songs since this song onwards that is heavily promoted (aka. Touch) really catchy. These songs are not like Breathe (NOTE: I have been under a rock this whole time. I only found out about this song last month) and Bad Girl Good Girl. There is not a thing which I enjoyed vocally in this song.

The vocals for some reason do not sound appealing at all to me. Neither does the rap in the song sound that well done. The only thing in this song, like any other song, I found great was the chorus. Not the best chorus but a good chorus.

Music Video

And this is why being rich will make many people greedy. An actor, more special than the director is treated as a king, is filming something; a music video or stage performance. He finds four girls who I think who are his lovers, all at once. He treats them like trash by running their rehearsal of the song “Goodbye Baby”. (NOTE: He eats like a baby and is the rudest person existing ever). They decide to ruin his filming by killing everyone on the set and leaving the actor alive. He is trapped in a giant test tube, with water slowly filling the test tube up. The girls then take revenge into their own hands and soon escape. They leave the actor to survive and in the end, he laughs as if the girls have not done any harm to him.

Now there 2 main flaws in this music video:

  1.  Why would the cockiest guy date four girls from the one band? He is now also the most stupid person as well. Does he think those girls don’t discuss their boyfriends with each other? How long does he expect his cover would not be blown?
  2. He is also the weakest guy ever. He is in the test tube and is floating to the top of the test tube. Does he not know how to get out of the damn test tube? Can’t he pull himself up from the test tube? Is he that weak?

Live Performance

I don’t really like the dance in this song that much. I just love how there is the “Follow the Leader” concept in the dance like the chorus. Besides that, everything was just plain and dull.

And The Rating?

Under the new rating system, I would give this song 5.8 out of 10.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.

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