Breathe – Miss A


I’m sorry to the many Miss A fans out there. I won’t say the vocals and rap of the song were bad or terrible, because they weren’t. I will just say the vocals and the rap in the song were unappealing to me as a viewer. I did not really like song the at all, except how fun and playful the tune and instrumental of the song was in my point of view. Oh and of course I can not forget the addiction of the line “I can’t Breathe.” So know when someone says that to me, I’ll dance along to Miss A. LOL Only joking. I will only dance if appropriate. If the person can’t breathe because asthma, I will call the ambulance.

Music Video

Like the last review I wrote (Fantastic Baby by Big Bang), I beleive this is more of a visual than a song that should be taken seriously. There is nothing really to discuss in this music video well, unless I get rid of the Live Performance part and discuss only the dance here. But, I don’t want to leave out a necessary part.

OH, by the way. I was horrified by the Brady Bunch like page. It was a mess.

Live Performance

There are a few well known dances for this song. I love all dances to this song from the Penguin to the Pony. They are all very creative and match the playful tone of the dance. I in particular loved the Penguin dance and the ending.

And The Rating?

Under the new system, I would give this song a 8.3 / 10.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

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