Lucky Guy – Kim Hyun Joong


Based on my liking & point of view, this song was a very big letdown. I preferred Please & Break Down (Which I actually did not like). However the chorus is very catchy & I quite enjoyed it. Yeah however I really don’t anything else about the song.

Music Video

Arrggh!!! I DISLIKE THIS MUSIC VIDEO. At first I thought of a James Bond kind of theme. The closest the music video got according to my theory is the picking up girls and casino playing. The teasers did not get me into the flow of the song. The teasers did not suit the music video or song in my point of view even though they are small sections of the video. Maybe that is just me. Now I have to ask, since when did girls would start stripping out in public especially when there is a guy nearby? Sick way of getting guys. Do not listen to this girls.  The music video is a bad teacher. But it also teaches never to date guys who suck at gambling. That’s right. If he loses money, you can be up for betting. *Shivers*. Anyway, i do like the concept that the girl is actually a spy and she looked very cunning and smart when she left Kim Hyun Joong. Very smart, very very smart.

Live Performance

Yeah, I don’t like the full red suit. I particularly like the performance from the MAMA 2011. Yeah, even though I know the whole thing was rehearsed by the performance was pretty good. Suzy was really good looking. The dance is pretty cool and not to complicated. Well, expect for the start, because the dance at the start looked complicated and well time.

And The Rating?

I would give this a 7/10. Also, you may notice, I rewrote this review for some particular reason.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.



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