Alone – Sistar


I am not a fan of Sistar. I do like thier song How Dare You. So Cool was kind of trashy. This song, I am lost for words. I literally can not write at all anything about this song. I like the start of the song and the vocals but what I was looking forward to was another upbeat song like How Dare You or So Cool. This song kind of lacks the amount of a dance song which I wanted from them.

As I said the vocals are pretty good. Dasom and Hyorin sound pretty good. The other member and the rapper (Sorry about names, I suck) also sound pretty good. Yeah, I’m still not sure about the song. I do like th drum beat and piano in the song. They sound pretty cool.

Music Video

Okay. WOW. SEXY??? Yeah, Sistar is back with a whole new look. Now, they girls take sexy to the highest possible point without making it into some kind of bad looking video. Which I am pretty cool with. I actually think the camera man and director captured some good shots within Las Vegas, Nevada to be included into the video. I really like when the girls are posing on the table. Okay, maybe not. Lying on the table is just the worst thing you can do. I would’ve flipped out if I saw someone lying on my dining room table. I would care more about the table then the person lying on top.

I do like the tight dresses that they are wearing in the music video. They always dress pretty good.

Live Performance

Okay, this dance can not be done if your are not flexible or if you are a guy. No I do not want to see hairy legs (Guys or girls(?).)and do not want to see your underpants (guys or girls) because this dance takes flexibility to a whole new level.

And The Rating?

Okay seriously, I would give this song a 7.6 out of 10.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Okay this must be asked………………


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