Time is Up – LEDApple


This must be their best song in my point of view. I really loved this song and for some reason, I think it continues the robot theme from their last song. I really enjoyed this song, from the beats to the catchy lyrics. I think LEDApple is so underrated even though they come out with songs every 3 months. I really like the English in this song. It makes sense and is very good. I really like the raps. Might as well I say the whole song is really good.

They should be known more. They are so underrated.

Music Video

Okay, must say. This is how people should use effects in music video. Not need to Photoshop anything in this video.

Okay, so the plot in the music video is kind of confusing (without knowing the lyrics of course). Its about this girl who is a wind-up toy and this guy (or guys) love her. This guy (or guys) are saying that you time is up because your gears will stop working. Yeah, that does not make sense because he is being rude to her even though he loved her. Anyway, when the key at the back stopped, she did not want it to stop but to keep on going to she could be with the guy. Though the key stopped moving for a long peorid of time, she kept moving which means

1. She, after the screen went back, keeps on moving, whcih means she is not a wind up toy. OR

2. After the screen went black, she stopped moving forever and her “Time Was Up”.

Also, is that guy using a touch screen for his guitar? Well, I don’t really care, even though for some time I was staring at his guitar and wondering “Technology is growing a little too fast”.

Live Performance

There is actual no dance to this song. Even though they are doing the hand movements when they are singing “Time’s Up, ooooo~”, and head-banging, I really would not consider them as dances, but since there is no dance, they shall be the dance. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. In my point of view of course.

And The Rating?

8.6 out of 10. Again, they are so underrated.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

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