Oh My God – Girls Day


Hmmmmm… Had a long thought about this song. I’m not really happy with it to be honest. I don’t like the instrumental of the song at all. I find it kind of irritating at the moment and had my cursor over the back button just in case. Now I am not saying they are awful but this song is not up there with their previous songs. That cutey girl voice does not really go well with the techno, electro beat and is really weird. The song is “Oh My God”, but for some reason I can hear someone say “Oh My Gosh” at the start of every chorus which annoyed me to bits. Also the start sounded like dubstep. Korea, stay away from dubstep or else I may need to find a new genre of music. To be honest, I actually did not look at the english translation of this song, and seriously, if this song is about love… Oh Geezz….

Music Video

Okay, humorous video. With no lyrics what so ever, here is what happens. So this rebellious girl is driven by her dad to the “library”. He says good luck to her for her studies and good bye. He drives off leaving the girl along. This guy who was just randomly sitting in front of the library goes to her (I think he likes her) but gets smacked in the face. Then the library turns into a club (Would Like to know how?) and people randomly started to appear. She then tries to get into the club but the bouncer stops her. She then proves that she is “good” by dancing and taking his hat. She then goes into the club where another popular girl is and she versus the popular girl. The popular girl losers and befriends the latter. Then there is another girl in the club who versus them and loses. Yep, thats the video.

The voices in the music video is another aspect of the whole thing which I hated. It is so bad. It is so ugly and unappealing. WHy are we rely so much on technology?

Live Performance

I must say the dance is really cute for this video and it kind of matches the beat of the song.

And The Rating?

6/10. Really the song is annoying and it just really is not something that I am into. 😐

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Music Video Here:

Live Performance Here:


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