Twinkle – TAETISEO


TAETISEO is the new subunit of Gril’s Generation. Now, I have to be honest but Girl’s Generation lastest song is not that good in my books. Not really a big fan of “The Boys”. But “Twinkle” is something totally different to The Boys. The song is something I would actually find the 9 members to sing, nor did I expect Tiffany, Taeyeon & Seohyun actually sing this song. I actually thought it did not suit the girls style and genre. I must say I am totally wrong. They pulled off the song really well and their vocals in this song is really superb. The whole song was really good. As soon as the video loaded on YouTube, I could not press pause. There is no rap in this song and actually nowadays, I think the rap is overused in most KPOP videos. Some videos have the rapped out of placed or does not even blend in with the colour of the sound.

It is a catchy song and I really enjoyed the start of the song because it was different. It is very hard to find a music video or song that is a standout in the KPOP industry nowadays.

Music Video

Now to be honest, I did like the video however I did not like some parts in this video. Now, at the start, the girls are celebrities and you can tell with the large amount of paparazzi at the door of the theatre. But poor guy who has kind of awkwardly walking around when the group split in the two groups. Also, is he part of EXO. I think he is, since the other guys in the music video were too, part of EXO I really did not like this idea. Seriously, I know SM is trying to promote EXO but seriously, I am actually sick of seeing EXO-K now because of the 35685478956689 teasers and prologue singles. They have been in the spotlight for a bit too long and actually grown tired of them. Their song is good but yeah…

Now, I actually did not notice this, but there are 6 back up dances. Plus the three girls and there is 9 people on stage. Look at Girl’s Generation. 9 people usually on stage with NO back up dancers. Is SM trying to hint something here? I really don’t know, but there was also an article on ALLKPOP which said and I quote “3 is enough?”. If this subunit does stop Girl’s Generation from promoting as a whole group, I will be pissed. Seriously. Beside that and the cute little dog, nothing much will be said.

Live Performance

I actually don’t find anything really good with the music video. There is not much to say abut it anyway. It was not exciting but it was also good.

And The Rating?

7.33333/10. Okay music video and performance. Great song.

Have Fun Listening. Troy 😀

Music Video:

Live Performance:



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