Beautiful Night – ULALA Session

[NOTE: This review was meant to be published a month ago. Somehow it did not post. Somehow it did not save the videos which I linked in. So yeah, after a month’s delay]


This is quite different to what I am used to. It’s weird. In a good way. I found this song really catchy and really fun to listen too. I am quite surprised they are actually a rookie group because they sound so confident in their singing. Now I only just found out they used to be on SuperK I think the show is called. And they were really good. (I checked out their performances while on the show). It is a really good song. The start of the song was kind of rough but it started their career and the song with a BANG!!!

The vocals for this band are really good. Oh and also the raps. What I really like the song is how they change the tone of their voice each time a new verse comes along and I actually think now after seeing their live performance, they are all equally good. I will be keeping an eye out for this band in the future and I would recommend this song to anyone. “Ye-ye-ye-yeah~”. (NOTE: This song sounds a lot like Footloose, you know that song, written after the movie.)

Music Video

This is another hilarious music video. In my mind, it is what I like to call “The Mystery of the Missing Golden Purse.” But really it is not a mystery at all. Now the music video starts off at a wedding where the guy is singing to the bride and groom. He then turns to a lady (Se7en’s Girlfriend) who has the golden purse and sings to her instead, with the bride and groom smiling happily still in the background. Then all hell break loose and the band members take it in turn to throw the purse, which was snatched out of the lady’s hand. The lady becomes pissed and marches out the wedding where everyone continues to dance like how PSY does…

Then a whole different party is introduced and the girl soon finds her purse, after dancing with the thieves. Then everyone comes back together, wedding and party for a whole dance ending. The girl then turns around and throws her purse behind and it somehow lands on the moon? or in Space? She is very strong. WOW!!!

Live Performance

The live performance for this song is really good. I particularly find the dance absurd however quite funky and cool. It really does fit the song. Beside there is nothing really to write about here. But one find. Fireworks would make this performance much better. Fireworks will always enhance a good dance track like this one.

And The Rating?

8/10. Yeah. Its a good song, however as said above,  maybe its not the ideal debut.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Live Performance:

Music Video Here:

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