How Dare You – Sistar


What a freaking good song. (Review is just what 2 years delayed.) Look at where they have come from. They were really a small rookie group when they started and now they are part of the Hallyu wave. The whole song is freaking good. The rap is freaking good. The vocals are freaking good. he tune and melody is freaking good. This is one freaking good song.

The only complaint I must lodge with this song is Dasom. She only has a limited amount of lines in this song where she actually goes solo. She is my favourite member and I believe she has to have more lines. Hyorin kind of has three quarters of the song while the rest of the members only have a few seconds. SO yeah the song is kind of unbalanced. Oh and all I hear is Hyorin’s voice in the chorus. It is powerful but not fair for the others.

Music Video

So I get confused with the music video and the actually song title. The song is How Dare You and Sistar is singing it so I assuming the song is directed to their boyfriends or ex’s. The first part is like when they lie and the girls find lip stains all over the guys shirt so its is okay to say “How Dare You” to the guys , but when the girls realize the mistake they made, I guess the song title just shatters and lose it literal meaning. I don’t know this thought had me troubled for a while until I started to listen to other songs by them.

The music video is quite colourful. I have to say that. Its light and bright which does matches the tone and the melody of the song as a catchy and fun (?) song to sing. I do really like the start of the whole video with the pole. *Insert dirty joke here*.

Live Performance

Damn they are flexible. That high kick at the start of most of the perofrmances and at the end are really awesome. Oh and the fan dance move is equally as awesome as this one. Really cool. Only one complaint here as well, the realy tight one suits or what ever they are not cool in my point of view. I hate anything that is a one suit. To the point where I can not stand wearing a suit jacket with the same colour pants.

And The Rating?

A good 9 out of 10 for this. Just a few complaints here and there. ]

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy

Live Performance:

Music Video:

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