Hello & Goodbye – MYNAME


Even though they are a rookie group, I really like them. I loved their song Message and now this song has infiltrated my mind. Hello & Goodbye has this really addictive ring especially where they sing “Hello & Goodbye“. I found this to be quite addictive, as every time I come across the words Hello and Goodbye in my life those two words ring in my head, the exact same way as they had sung it. I really like the calmness of the song, as the lyrics down sound quite powerful, which is kind of different. I also like how they keep all their energy in and release towards the end, as it is quite unique. I like how the rap is not as fast paced as other raps, but not as slow as if you think the rapper is actually talking to you. The vocals were quite good. I was impressed with the long, high note at the end.

Music Video

Now this is interesting. The guy I am assuming is a part of the Mafia or something similar. He meets the Mafia boss’ daughter or girlfriend. Both develop a crush over each other. The girl asks the guy for a dance, which the Mafia guy lets. When she wants to go public about their relationship, the Mafia guy gets jealous and kidnaps the girl. The guy then fights for the girl, but then the girl dies. The guy also gets shot by the Mafia leader, which should kill him.

Now I don’t get why the Mafia guy got jealous. He gave the girl away to the lead. Is he really that jealous? Is he really that stupid to “lend” a girl to another guy and then become jealous in like less than a day? Really stupid leader.

I did like the violin segment towards of the music video, because it made it more dramatic.

Live Performance

I liked the dance, but at the same time felt it was unappealing. It matched the beat, but really did not portray the same amount of emotion as like the music video did.

And The Rating?

I’d give it a 7.5/10. Really good song. and alright music video and performances.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Live Performance:

Music Video:

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