Sexy Lady – Wooyoung (2PM)



Guys, I don’t know what my feelings are for this particular song. I don’t listen to it much at all compared to other songs that came out around the same time. I don’t think it is bad, but it is not technically good at all. I think we can all agree that this song is not the best solo debut song out there. I actually prefer label-mate Jo Kwon’s song more than this.

As I am typing this up, I actually think his song does not really fit this type of club music. This voice is a bit too husky for this song and I think he relied on a bit too much of the background vocals in the chorus. I also felt the song’s beat and rhythm was a bit dead to be a clubbing style song. Clubbing song, which will be reflected in the Music Video section, should be more uplifting, not an average KPOP song.

[NOTE]: I am not being biased here. Wooyoung  is my favourite member of 2PM, just this song was not it. Actually, little side note as well: the whole album was not right for him as well.

Music Video

This music video felt a bit dead. There Wooyoung is and his is rocking at a club, probably getting all the ladies, and there is just him and a few dancers, dancing in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the most saddest crowd in the world. I thought girls would squeal and scream when they see Wooyoung not stand around and thinking that this is some kind of ballroom dance. Hands Up had this as well, and now Wooyoung?

Also, what is with that car and the dancers, are they trying to make themselves look cool? The lighting is off, giving Wooyoung weird coloured skin and the dancers are just pretending to be cool. The only thing that I would agree with in this song, is the amount of girls in the video. If you are puzzled, just watch The Boys by Girl’s Generation.

Live Performance

I actually like this dance. It is pretty good and actually reflect the lyrics. At the start of the chorus where he is all like “You keep circulating in my head”, he touches his head and rocks side by side, like blood is circulating in his head. As for the Sexy Lady part, I am not sure. There is a time and place to but ants down your pants.

And The Rating?

I would give a 7/10. Sadly, I expected more of a dance song, from the lead dancer of the group, not some thing that tries to sell him.

Have Fun Watching Troy 😀

Live Performance:

Music Video: 

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