My My – A Pink



Yep, this song one hell of a song. A new rookie group who made a comeback with one award worthy song. Definitely a song to try and listen to. I was not much of a fan of their recent song (Hush). I think I was meant to review it, but somehow it got lost in the process and did not end up on my list. Or did I review it? It is not easy to remember 130 reviews my friend, but now I actually remember that is was my 100th review. Enough of me selling this site to you.

This song has that really laid back but average KPOP vibe to it. The only thing that made it stand out of the crowd is definitely the catchy chorus. But once you get hooked onto the chorus, you will end up loving the song. Not kidding there. I listened to the song at first, but did not like it. Listened to it a few more times, and then it grows on you. Next minute you know, you are singing aloud with the catchy “My, My. Your my”. The beat of song is pretty good as well, matches the cute voices of the girls, which makes the whole song much better. Along with the high note towards the end and that mini dance sequence instrumental, this is one really good song.

Music Video

Okay, this I am lost. They are a bunch of girls, having fun. One notices that another has a love letter and make fun of her. Then they help her. Then they start break dancing in an abandoned place. Yeah, not really sure about this. But beside that, there is not really anything to say, except for pointing out how cute they are. You see. How cute are they?

I think my job here is done actually.

Live Performance

The dance is fits the tune and instrumental of the song heaps. Everything is cute, and actually really does not affect the quality of their songs. Even the break dance part, was well handled and well done, especially when they are the aegyo type of girl group.

And The Rating?

8.3333/10. Really good.

Have Fun Watching Troy 😀

Live Performance:

Music Video:

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