A really good song from BTOB has been receiving my attention a lot lately. I was not technically a fan of their debut songs, and the other amount of songs that they had, but this one is quite different. I am not sure if this is more of a pop song than the other songs. I think these types of the songs really suit this band and I have to be honest, they have gone a long way. Though, I am still disappointed in some parts, I still like this song.

Well, the song is definitely different from their debut songs. They are more pop-ish nowadays. Not sure if it the seasons or just their direction they want to go in, but it suits them. I really loved the beat of the song and the vocals in this song. I quite like the start where the rapper of the group is like “B to be back, Be to change the game, Be to catch your swag” part. Though I hate the word swag, (quite recently though), this is quite a good part of the song. I quite like the chorus of the song, as it matched the song’s instrumental. The only thing I don’t like was the really high voice just before the chorus. Not really keen on guys auto-tune or actually naturally singing that high. Oh and also, did anyone catch the 4Minute reference? Your homework is to find that! HAHAHAHAHAHA….

The music video is also quite interesting. Not really the best, I have to say, but it is quite different. The dance is quite good, but the stroyline was quite weird. The guys evaporated from sght, making them vampires or something, but when the girl touches them, they evaporated. Disintegrate. But how the director decided to film these certain parts kind of make them look like the guys were desperate for the girl, so guys need more than a few touches, some guys just disappeared from sight at the sight of the girls. I am also think now, that the vampire theme does not really suit the tone of the song, it suits 4 Minute’s Volume Up more than this really jumpy song.

The dance for this song, is pretty cool, just something I would not dance to. Their costumes are great for the song on stage, and there really is nothing to complain about. Wait, how about fireworks? That would be cool.

8/10. The music video just lacked it. Beside that, everything else is pretty good.


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