I Feel Good – EXID

I am totally in love with this track at the moment. Regardless of all the hype with other more famous bands, I really like this song. It sheds a new light on this rookie group who made heir debut at the start of the year. The song is quite addictive for me, as I spent hours listening to it, and I still do. Though I think song is award-worthy, many others don’t think this group is as talented as other groups, but I think EXID will last long (Hopefully, I did not jinx them).

Anyway, the song is excellent. I love and I am in love with it. I really love the start, as it kind of matches into the song quite well. I really love the rap sequence at the start. The chorus was really catchy, and those really good moments right after the chorus is really good. I am also “Never stop the music” and “Never stop the good night”, because it the most  addictive part of the song for me.  I also like the bridge of the song. where they incorporated the violins into the song, as it really something different compared to other pop and techno songs. I like it!!!! The vocals in the song are really good as well, I am still not familiar with the member’s name yet, but I really like the notes at the end.

The music video is quite weird? Not sure if this is the word to describe this. I love the humour, like at the start with the really expensive car and bike, the ironing shopping, traffic directions and the kindergarten teacher. I love it how, they actually have really crappy jobs, but meet up at what seems to be a really expensive bar, or at least one to get in. Well, the club is closed, assuming because of how early they turn up, and they become sad because they cannot get in. However, one of the members open the door and the group breaks the rules and goes in. Then they dance, around stripper poles, and on the dance floor. (Can I say something, that moment would’ve been quite boring in my point of view, a club would be better with more than 5 members.) After that, they are discovered, tired from their play and were shoved out of the club. Interesting, but funny at the same time.

The dance is really good. I don’t think they would rank high with the dance, but I with their live performances (in terms of their vocals) make up the loss).

I would give this a 9/10. Really good song, dance and music video.


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