I Wish – FT Island

Source: http://24-7kpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/iwish.jpg

Wow, they are back if a new song. Though this is a band, which I am not really fond of in KPOP, they made pretty strong and good comeback, despite the amount of really good acts they must compete with in order to get an award. But hey, they won a M CountDown award already, who knows what they can achieve!

The song starts off with a Spanish / MExican feel with the guitar. I was shocked, because I thought it was going to be something like Hello hello or Like The Birds. I listened through the first verse, not really keen on the new sound, and then it goes straight to it glory. The KPOP feel explodes in the chorus, which is pretty good. I liked the rest of the song, which was a complete repeating the process, and Hong Ki (Is that how you spell it?) had really powerful vocals. The only thing that I was disappointed in was the rap part. The guitar business there did not feel as good and great as the other parts, and kind of sounded awkward with the rap. But overall the song was pretty good.

Okay, when I first watched the music video I was confused. I could not tell the plot of the video from just watching the video. I had to search it up with the lyrics. Kind of weird hey. But my first initial thought was: Why would the girl date the guys from the same band, in the same house? Kind of weird as well, hey. Well, to be honest, I still actually don’t get the music video, even though I ow know the guy (or guys) want to be another to woo the girl. Yeah, confusing right?

The live was alright. I like the boxes which they stood on. Beside that, yeah it was alright.

7/10. Someone should really make the live more interesting. Back up dancers might work. Only a suggestion.


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