Lipstick – Orange Caramel


Cute attack. After big hits like Magic Girl, Bangkok City and Shanghai Romance they are back after with Lipstick, which really is another attack of cuteness. Uncle fans watch out, because you will die. Wait, that does not sound cute at all! That sounds evil…

Anyway, the song is really high-pitched. But at the same time it is really kind of weird. It takes a very long time for cutey-type of songs to grow on me, and this song is no exception. I found this song really uncomfortable to listen to. It kind sounds like their previous songs, all which I did not like at all. I must say though, the eomma, eomma part was the catchiest part for me, because I had that part on repeat. Unlike other songs, I really did not like the start of the chorus, it kind of sounded weird and fuzzy in my point of view. With the instrumental, I kind of felt like this, :|. Yeah, I felt like that. I really can describe my feelings with the song. It felt funny and really awkward. I guess I still have the Flashback images in my mind, which is preventing me to feel the full strength of the song.

The music video is also kind of weird. Lipstick titled music video really did not contain much lipstick. It only had a bunch of girls that fanboyed over a guy, who was taken away by a rather crazy princess. It all came down to a ping-pong battle, so that was all good. Yeah, not really. Again, not sure about my feelings for the music video as well, just wished to say that it was quite orange. 🙂

The live performance is pretty good. I’m not sure about the costumes, but I liked the dance, because it was cutey. That is also kind of weird because I did not like the song for its cuteness, but I love the dance for it. Oh well.

Okay, really unsure about this song.  6/10. I guess it could be better, but also, I think I got the Flashback images still in my mind. That was a good song.


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