Kiss Kiss – CHAOS


This is quite interesting. They made their debut at the very start of the year, which in my point of view is very smart. They later made their comeback in winter with Racer and now they are back with their latest single, Kiss Kiss. They are pretty good, just I am not really sure what they are trying to do in anymore. But the song is quite good and the music video is quite unique.

The song starts off with those really old music players that need the needle to make the song work, then hits with the lyrics of “Kiss Kiss Me”, and the heavy guitar instrumental, which can be heard throughout the chorus of the song. Now this song is about a guy who longs to turn invisible to be kissed by girls, I think. Well, I was like really? Are you that pathetic or ugly? Would no girl go after you? Are you that desperate for love? I have never love, but invisible people will just make the situation for creepy and difficult. Anyway, the song has a really good Autumn beat to it, which is upbeat and kind of good. Not many KPOP singers go this way with their music, so it can be deemed as unique. It is good, just not really up there in terms of song instrumental. They have very powerful vocals, but somehow they have lost that in this song, and really I think they suit songs with powerful vocals.

The music video can be seen as definitely unique. We all know  American artist have done this before, but this is the first time I am seeing an Asian artist do this. Imagine all the shots taken! With the sudden change of clothes and movement, it must have been pretty long to film the whole music video, to get it right and at the right angles. So I have upping their marks because of this. I also love the scenery of the music video. It fits the song properly and really this is pretty good, in my point of view.

The live performance is the only area giving my goosebumps. One: Lose the hat. Yes, that hate is na big no-no. I really dislike watching this group with a big hat, that looks like it is going to hit the other members on stage. Oh well, but their vocals are pretty good live. Beside that, I have nothing much to say.

I would give this a 7.167/10. Yes, to be exact. it was good, could’ve been better though.


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