Beautiful Night – Beast


Yes, another song that was released ike 2 months ago. Oh well, I am getting there with the list. Crossed off two, adds 3 more! I feel like this song was not really publicised that much. Basically they released the album, music video, then performed it on stage, won triple crown on M Countdown and disappeared. Beside that, I was kind of like, eh another Beast song, nothing that great. To be honest, despite being one of the biggest boy groups at the very moment, I think they might have reached their end. Like they are not in the news as much than when they first debuted or when Fiction came out last year.

Anyway, the song is a change for Beast, which really does not suit them. I prefer them on the lines of Breathe, Bad Girl, Shock, not this kind of funky, happy type of song. It is nothing that I am used to for Beast, since last year they released a love song, and now they just completely shoved the whole idea away. However, I did like the song though. It was a great song to enjoy and really sounded pretty good. I really like the instrumental and the vocals of the song was pretty good. Just, I was confused with the English some of the time in the song. But beside that, I was impressed, they pulled it off pretty well, despite my thoughts on the change was not that good.

The music video kind of looked funny. I doubt a bunch of caucasians would actually go out there and dance to an unknown boy band. There is not even a single asian in the crowd, how can that be? And the fact that they are all smiling creeps me out. But beside that, only a few things to reconsider guys: the pink suit, the subwoofer in that car, the shorts that Hyunseung is wearing and the fact that they are trying to walk in the streets trying to blend in. Seriously guy, if I wanted to see something like that I rather go to watch a movie about gangs and stuff like that. But beside that, 😐 .

The dance of this song is pretty good actually. I really like it. Pity, it was not in the music video, but it was pretty good. Also, I like the stage version of the song much more than the music video. Just, how many times did they dye their hair for this whole promotion cycle?

I would give it a 7.5/10. Not that bad, but seriously could’ve been better on so many levels.


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