Rock Your Body – VIXX

This is not their debut, but it seems like they are still in their debuting stages. I did not hear much from their actual debut beside their song, Superhero. This song was introduced to me, and kind of found it weird. I will explain it more later. But seriously, how many debuts have their been this year? I think I have covered this already, but there has been so many debuts this year, it is really hard to keep up with the rookie groups this year.

This song has a summery feel to it, which places it well in Summer. It is more of a song along the lines of B1A4’s Beautiful Target. I also noticed that VIXX, along with AJAX released quite serious songs for their debut, but eased the tension with the a more poppy type of song. I really liked the video game intro, which really is pretty unique, along with the start of the song. It flows right into the song, and fits the music video. I also liked their vocals and rap in this song, just the only thing I am not confident in with the music was the English right after (or is a part of the chorus?) the chorus. It kinda sounded awkward and too much forceful in a way. You get that feel?

The music video here is quite unique, as it has the video game feel, as we can see Dasom playing the game, which is unique. But, how can the characters in the game (aka. VIXX) jump out of the video game and dance along with Dasom in the video, and be a part of the game at the same time. I really kind of liked the enormous arcade that Dasom finds herself in! A GAMERS DREAM! I don’t play games that much, but I really like the arcade. I just think it is kind of weird for a coin to appear on a arcade game, which is the only game turned on in the whole arcade and why did Dasom just randomly venture her way into the arcade?

The dance of this song is quite disappointing. The only thing that actually stood out for me is the “Dance to the left, Dance to the right” dance, where they mimic the a racing person, which is quite good. With a song like this, I expected a bit more bouncy moves. Hey, it is how I feel when I play Mario Bros.

I would give this song a 6.167/10. Liked the song and music video. Dance just made me go eh.


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