Dazzling Girl – SHINee

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Dazzling Girl is the first single that is not a Korean song by SHINee, and released in early October. Now, they are preparing another song for December, so watch this space! Seriously, after hearing songs that were first released in Korean, I am quite happy to hear something that is not Korean at all. Dazzling Girl is a song that describes how a girl can be dazzling, which is really the song title. Yeah, anyway….

The song is quite addictive and really fresh. It is something that is different from their previous singles and really is not that serious in a way. The song is has a really good instrumental  that I think enhances the song to a whole new level. The chorus is really catchy and the mini English phrases that were added in were done quite well, expect for “Boom Boom Pow”. There really is nothing that I wish to complain about the song expect for the lyrics. The English translation seem a bit Cliché to me. “If I don’t see you it’s a Rainy Day” sounds like it just came out of the Notebook or some other really romantic movie/story. “Suddenly, like a rainbow, you were smiling” also kind of sounds like that, but to me a rainbow frowns, because its shape is the upside down smile. Get it? No? Just referring the colours? I see.

The music video really was quite boring. The members all work together to create and perfect the model who is absolutely pretty. She looks like my old tutor’s receptionist. Yeah. They are all in charge of getting the perfect picture of her, her make-up, the setting in which the picture was to be taken, the clothing etc. The fact that all the members find the girl pretty is kind of disturbing, but hey, Replay may happen. They also dance in a room full of mirrors and alongside that just a normal white room. Beside that, there is nothing much to say. Oh, their seriousness in past music videos have disappeared, especially Jonghyun. They are all happy and cheerful in this one.

The dance is pretty cool. I don’t think it would be as memorable as Sherlock’s dance. But still pretty cool.

I would give this a 7/10.

Have Fun Watching :D. Troy

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