Don’t Hate Me – Epik High


Epik High came back with 2 epic songs, known as Up and Don’t Hate Me in October. Out of the two, I like this song the most because it is very vibrant and is a song that you can listen to without the music video accompanying it without knowing what the song is about. It is catchy and since Epik High is a legendary group, this comeback makes it more exciting as ever. I find that this song is more of a fan service song, that still has its own secret meaning and can still be good.

Don’t Hate Me is a catchy song with your average pop songs instrumental. However, they have the very catchy “Everybody hates me, but you love me and I love you”, which definitely gets stuck into your mind the first time around. From just listening to the song, you can sense that the song is definitely involves something along the line of crazy. BOOM! I particularly love the lyrics. They kind of have a double meaning. Though, “Everybody hates me, but you love me and I Love You” does sound like your average romantic ballad line, but in fact that this line shows the amount of thanks that Epik high wants to give back to their fans for the past 2 or so years, which has been a tough time for the band and Tablo himself. In fact, the whole song, now seems to be written for the fans itself, which is really cool. \

The music video actually enhances the song. It adds to more of the feel of craziness. It starts up as Epik High working in the supermarket, bored of their job, but this ghost child wakes them up and they start creating havoc around the store. Particularly, when the children emerge as characters of horror movies and stories, like Jason from Friday The 13th, The Saw Guy, Lady Gaga (Since we all know, how scary that singer is). I also like the really lame items which they create to be put on the shelves of the store like cereal. Ah, my lameness is kicking in. It is an epic music video, end of story, Even though, I make it sound extremely boring. Check it out though.

The live performance is really good. End of story. There is no actual dance to this song, just running the around the stage and having fun.

I would give this a 9/10. A really good song.

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