I’ll Show You – Ailee

Source: http://v007o.popscreen.com/N0xKVTRuWlY5c1kx_o_ailee—ill-show-you-feat-go-of-mblaq-mv-teaser.jpg

Ailee is back with another song, receiving an award and definitely a lot of praise after her debut single, Heaven. It can be said that Ailee has a heaven like voice. She can reach really high notes and look confident on the stage all the time. She is a really great singer who really has a lot ahead of her. Go Ailee!!!

Anyway, the song really showcases her vocal talent that she has, and adds a different genre to the many types she can sing to. This song gives a different feel to her, which we have not heard from her when she debut with Heaven. The song is indeed catchy sounds really good, earning her first award! I really liked the transition of the really slow part to the really upbeat and catchy chorus, which was unexpected.  There really is not anything to complain about this song. Well, beside the chorus. Ailee is a fantastic singer and a native English speaker, but when she sings “Boy, you got to be aware” really sounds like a mouthful of words just was randomly joined together and blurted out. It took me a while to basically understand the line, but I got there in the end.

The music video shows a girl who used to have a boyfriend, who is a player and goes for attractive ladies and change every often. Every time they pass each other, the girl look up at the guy, but the guy always stares her down or looks away uninterested.  The girl then has a massive change and changes from a geeky look to a very attractive and sexy girl. This almost makes her a hit with all the guys, and her former boyfriend tries to go after her. However, now she is uninterested in her past relationship and took revenge on him quite nicely. The only thing that you will complain about is the horrible green screen that was used. Horrible effects that should never be used again.

The live performance was pretty good. I loved it how they incorporated the slow and upbeat part and allowed her to change her clothes to match the beat of the song. Hello new era of music! The dance was okay, but the performance mainly focuses on the vocal talent.

I would give this a 8/10. Pretty good!

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