U U – She’z

Source: http://xiahpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/shez-uu1.jpg

She’z is a newly debut group back with their second single already. They are much different. Yes, they are the cutesy girl group but to me they have a lot of potential like A Pink. They have good vocals and really catchy  but quite difficult dances. I just wish to say, to that person who commented on YouTube, that  only doing aegyo is needed to be in a girl group, stuff you. Obviously, you don’t know jack about anything in entertainment.

The song is definitely is really cute. No complaint there, despite hating these types of songs. But this song is quite good. For the reason that the chorus is quite catchy compared to other songs and sound really good not horrible. The main vocalist sounds really good and these are on the songs that don’t really contain much of a rap at all. I really have nothing to complain about her. They all sound good. The instrumental sounds good on its own as well, with the vocals.

The music video is really good, but to me was particularly boring. It was just the girls overhearing another girl’s date and wanting to help out. The main girl is quite nervous, but the others are here to help to help pick out clothes and other stuff like that. They cheer in support of her and the end. Basically that is it. So, you guess why I find it boring. They dance which is a plus in a big white room (familiar much?) with 2 big U’s in the background. But hey!

The live performance is really good. Not once, have I heard this particular group lip sync at all, which really makes them different. The only thing, which I will complain about is the length of their performances. Why so short???? I want longer performances for these rookie bands!!!

To rate this, I would give this a 8/10. Pretty good.

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