Up – Epik High

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/20121019_epikhigh_up_MVcapture.jpg

Epik High made a joint comeback wth a total of two songs, which I think YG has decided to do for most of their artists. Don’t Hate Me was a fun track, if you watch the music video and it tells the audience of the troubles which they had. Up is a similar take upon this theme by showing the effects and how the band got “up” from their feet and went on with their life. Interesting, but unique. This song however, does suck, in my point of view when compared to Don’t Hate Me, but it is still a good song.

Yes, I did say above that this song sucks (compared to Don’t Hate Me) but I am confident that this song is pretty good itself. Park Bom’s vocal in this song sounds superb and I see why people say she is the best vocalist in YG Ent (excluding Daesung & Gummy). The rap definitely sounds really good, which does mean, earning top spot for best rap of 2012.  I really enjoyed this song, as it is a different take on the whole industry and not focusing on sex, girls and money. These types of songs are what I like, so it was really good.

The music video is in black and white (kind of) which I assume means that life is not just black and white, as the some things were highlighted in colour. There are no two sides to life!!! Anyway, it the music video as filmed at night, I am assuming that though. Since it was already dark, I did not think it would be necessary to place a filter over it. Anyway, I really like the fireworks on the bike. It is a different idea, which is highly dangerous in my point view, but really good. I like the idea of “up”, and the link that skateboards go “up” when we skate. But you know what would’ve been better, Up the movie. That would be cool and quite sad!!!

The live performance is kind of boring. The dance is like some ballet, interpretative dance. It still has the bounce which Don’t Hate Me has, which still makes it look cool.

I’d give this a 8/10. Pretty good.

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