Dripping Tears – Son Dam Bi


The KPOP Queen is back, with another song!!! Crazy drove her up the hill and all the songs in between have kept her pretty high, including this one. Dripping Tears is your ballad and pop mashup. You can be deceived quite easily, but in the end, you will be blown away with the standard it has. If you expect something like Crazy, then no, this is not for you. However if you expected or want something at the same level, then this is the song for you.

The song has a really soft instrumental, which does overpower the singer’s voice. She sings at a really superb pitch, that fits the instrumental and beat of the song. The piano adds the ballad feel to the song. Without the piano tunes in the song, the song will really sound completely different. You get the impression that rain is flowing with the piano, like tears that come out of an upset person. Really there is nothing I would complain about with song, except for the second verse of the song. It really does not fit the song and seems to sudden. But beside that, I really like the song. “Baby Tonight, Oh Baby Tonight“.

The music video is kind of weird. I guess she became insane after her break-up, so she was sent to a mental hospital, where the really creepiest back up dancers join her in a dance. Seriously, those stockings are scary. Oh did I say stockings? I mean those hideous black and white strip onesies that cover their faces. I apologise for my mistake.   I really like her random blonde hair and pink fluffy jacket which she has. I found that scene where she strips from her hospital clothes kind of weird, just only because they placed the camera between her legs. But do check it out, because I like the contrast of the colour and black and white filter.

The dance is kind of literal. When she sings “Baby” she puts her arm in a gesture, like she is rocking the baby. But I don’t understand “Tonight”, where she just places and flings her arms back up. But the dance was good. Just, why are girl groups are all having a member do a bit of a solo dance. Secret, Miss A and now Son Dam Bi. They all consist of bending backs towards the ground. (?)

I’d give this song a 8.5/10. It is pretty good.


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