Tried to Walk – B1A4

B1A4, who are set into cement, are finally back with another new song. Earlier this year, the boys came back with Baby I’m Sorry which showed us that the guys can shed their cute side and go for something more mature. Tried To Walk is the exact same, just now they have enhanced themselves. Something that is more mature, but at the same time is more unique to something you do not find in KPOP that easily. They always seem to surprise me and their fans every time they come back.

The song sounds much more mellow than their past song, Baby I’m Sorry. Tried To Walk however, is about the feelings after a guy, I am assuming has been dumped by his girlfriend. His girlfriend was everything to him, however after he was dumped, he found it hard to walk or “go on with his life”. The song has a really good beat to it, and incorporates a dance and ballad piece together, making it like the average pop song. The song does not have its Christmas feel to it, but instead has a more of an Autumn feel to it. I think it was released in Autumn. Not sure about that.

The music video suggest something else however. The title of the song is “Tried To Walk” however, in the music video, there is a lot of walking. I guess they mean the title metaphorically, but still, there is quite a lot of walking. There are two sides to this music video. The alive and the dead version. Baro seems t be happy and I think, he feels like he is able to go on, looking at the bright side of the separation  However, on the dead side, nothing lives and Baro is quite sad. However in both versions, Baro is indeed sad and cannot get over it. He still loves happy in the alive version, but is faced with a whole heap of obstacles. In the end, Baro is actually hit by a car in dead version but ends up surviving, which is quite confusing. However, we don’t know what’s happen to him, beside the fact he keeps living in the Alive version and dies in the dead version.

The dance is pretty cool. It is like the upgraded version of their previous dances which they had before. I really like the dance at the first chorus and Baro’s rap. Quite different, but equally fits the lyrics and song.

I’d give this song a 9/10. It is pretty good, however I do miss the happy version of this boy group.

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