2MYX – A-Jax

Source: http://upload.enewsworld.net/News/Contents/44878985.jpg

A Jax is back with another song! This time is much softer and a lot less fierce that their previous songs, like One For You and Hot Game. This song talks more about love and kind of fits the season more unlike their previous songs.

This song is okay. I don’t technically hate it and don’t actually like it. It does not appeal to me, like how Hot Game did for me. I guess this song is kind of lacking. The song is a response to Girls Generation’s Run Devil Run, as it contains a lot of direct lyrics that match both songs. However I really like the title of the song. It is 2MYX, which is kind of shorthanded for To My Ex, which is really smart.

First of all, I would like to say the music video is really choppy. There were to many small scenes and they were added in a random sequence. I have to say, there is very little running apart of the choreography and alone like 1 part of the whole music video. I like the contrast between the light and the dark background in the video, when the focus is on the girl, which makes her more mysterious. However, I am not sure about those upside down pyramids, they seem to be only there to fill up the empty space.

The dance is kind of okay. It fits the feel of the song, however I would like to see something with more emotion and power. At least they incorporated parts of running in it, which does fit the lyrics of the song.

I would give this song a 7/10. Okay, could’ve been better.


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