Caffeine – Yang Yoseob (Beast)


Beast is renowned to do really good dance style songs like Shock, Breathe, Beautiful Night, Mystery, Bad Girl. However Yoseob has come out with a song with an unexpected twist. Caffeine, can be said a song that many can get “addicted” to. However I am not an actual coffee drinker (I find it really bitter), so this song is not my cup of tea. Wow, so many puns!!!

The song is not for me. I see how addictive and happy fan girls or boys can get over this guy and his song, however, I really dislike this song. I actually expected something along the lines of the groups past songs. Isn’t he like a B-Boy as well? However, there were some aspects of the song I liked. I liked the fact that they added the sounds of coffee being stirred into the song and also the sounds that is made when you place a delicate cup of coffee on a saucer. I guess I did not like the feel of the song. It seemed bland and dry. It is not as good as other songs. I felt like other songs from his album would’ve made it better than Caffeine, like Look At Me Now.

The music video is really confusing. I don’t think anything I think even make sense. He has a girlfriend, however they fight and the girl leaves. Since she was Yoseob’s daily cup of coffee (;)), he becomes depressed. After that I am quite lost. I see quite a lot of symbolism in this video, however, I don’t see anything about the girl and Yoseob himself disappearing into a cloud of smoke and the box, which contained his heart. I saw nothing with that, and how confusing that became. However, I did like the dancing on top of the table. Denying physics since 2012. That was pretty cool.

The dance of this song kind of fits the whole song however, I found it unappealing to watch. Mainly because I did not like the song and that I found it quite difficult to watch the dance without some kind of song that goes with it.

Sadly, I am going to give this a 4.5/10. Not the best song at all, however it did have some fine points that were alright. However, overall, I did not like the song.


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