Danger Girl – C-Real

Source: http://img.ohkpop.com/2012/12/14/gU43qi62.jpg

C-Real is back with a new song which came out around 3-4 weeks ago, which I guess is for their fans, as they did not promote this song in anyway. Every time they come out with a new song, they seem to always impress me. This song kind of move away from the cutey-aegyo that I am used to with this group. They came back with a more upbeat song, but it just has a hint of the aegyo that I enjoy watching from these girls. It is also much different to Joma Joma, No No No No No and Sorry But I.

As said above, this song sounds quite different then their previous songs. It is more upbeat than their previous release which was kind of like a ballad. This song really draws out their vocal talent and actually no rap was used in the song. I totally love the start of the song and enjoyed the way it eased into the chorus. The chorus itself, it quite catchy, sounds really appealing and refreshing to listen to. I am always surprise every time the girls release a song, because it is always something new that really is not released in KPOP that much. Totally amazing.

The music video is some kind of fan-service video for their fans, so there really is not much to complain about the video. There is no performances of the song at all. So…. 7.5/10.


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