Nostalgic – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)


Gain recently released a repackaged single, a way to say thanks to her fans. Released early last month, the song Nostalgic is your typical ballad, but if you add Gain’s husky voice, you basically have the sexiest ballad ever. This song goes a long way and sounds like perfection.

Yes, this is one really cool song. Gain, with her well known husky voice, sings this song really beautifully. I find out of all the singers that I love to listen too, Gain and Hyorin from Sistar are the best at making their voices really husky when needed. Along with the rap from Eric from Shinwa, I can imagine this a type of song is a cafe, where a break-up has occurred. I don’t think that any other song would beat out this song. This song a soothing melody and the instrumental is pretty good. I guess the song could have had more of a climax to it, but it still sounded pretty good.

The music video for this is quite short. Actually I think the music video is off the really draining start of her Bloom music video. However, this music video suits the feel of the song. When I think of the word “Nostaglia”, I think of old things and old memories. This video contains really good effects that videos from the very past would have, and the camera used was pretty old.  The music video blends really well with the title of the song then.

There is no performance of this song, despite me wanting one.

10/10. First one of the year. Of course, it sounds really good.


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