Every Night – EXID

EXID made their comeback back in November. (Yes, we are nearing the end of January, I realized that ages ago). Anyway, after promoting a really good song, I Feel Good, the girls came out with a rearranged piece that featured on their previous mini album. Same title, just different feel. To choose between the two, I choose this song because it sounds much better. Leggo:

The song was pretty good. I don’t have much to say about the song. I really like the soft telephone ringing sounds at the start of the song, which I think moves the song along quite well. Also, the song is a whole reversal of the “I Feel Good’ song they promoted earlier in the year (2012, I mean). This song brings out their vocals and the rap, in my pint of view was pretty well done, however, I think she carried over the autotune that was in “I Feel Good”, which does not sound as good in this song. However, the English in the song is what I am here to talk about, just looking at the lyrics kind of…. “I know this booty” and “So I don’t know how to get down” kind of sounds like, ummm… you know….

The music video is quite interesting. The girls are sickened by this male guy who is a player and cheats on every girl he meets. They create some scientifically proven poison made from a red, spicy, chillies   They rub themselves over tables, because they are tired, in the process of making this and carefully place the poison gas into glass tubes. After, they make their way to the guy and kills everyone including the guy with the poison, by throwing into the air. Hey, at least they know safety and wore gas masks that did not match their outfits. The guests started to sneeze and spit water out of their mouths, which looked quite attractive. Poor guy though, he took the whole load for himself. Let’s just say he had his last shower, with clothes on at the very where he died. Nice.

The dance has a lot of rubbing in it. I don’t know why, but they keep on rubbing their chests and butts the whole way through. But still, they have good lives.

7/10. Pretty good.


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