What Are You Doing Today – Hello Venus

Source: http://d1i45kki000yqu.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/121412_hellovenus_what.jpg

After being noted as the female rookie group with the most potential to making it big in 2012, they have finally comeback with a new song released at the start of December (I think). This song still maintains the girl’s image as the cutey girl group that we are used to.

To be honest, I personally don’t think this is the right song for the girls. It does not have the same impact as Venus did. It does have a catchy beat, but at other times during the song, the song does not fit. The rap did not fit the song at all, and sounded really sudden. Then the song is relaunched to the chorus, but it does not move along well.  It does maintain the good enough image of the girls through their vocals, but it does not enhance the girls more. I think I feel this song kind of drags the girls back rather than put them up there with other singers. Compared to Venus, this song is not as addictive. It really does not show off the girls with their vocals, and the rap was not really top-notch.

As for the music video, I found the colour blue in the background as quite dull. This, for me, makes the whole music video as a dull thing to watch. Venus was bright and delightful, but now they came back with this song, I am quite surprised. The video actively fits the feel of the song and title of the song, where the girls are asking the guy about what he was doing today. However, with the dull nature of the song, this video was not for me. The thing I liked about in the music video was the picture frames. They looked quite vintage but nice. However, the video was not for me.

The dance was okay, but it was not quite catchy for me as the dance for Venus did. Also, I was quite bored of the performance. It really did not showcase any of the girl’s talent, which really made the performance quite boring to me.

3.5/10. Not the song, music video or performance for me. Maybe next time.


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