Special Girl – Infinite H

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Infinite H has been teasing their fans since the end of 2011, if I am not mistaken, after announcing this subunit. And me being delayed, as I live under a rock, only just relaized who Hoya and Dongwoo were. Let’s just say, I thought Dongwoo was Hoya and Hoya was Dongwoo. Yeah, great.

Special Girl has its roots in hip hop, which these guys specialise in. This is a really good song, which I actually like. It may not be anyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy this song. It sounds sweet and at the same time sounds quite manly. Also, a full album on hip-hop is quite rare in KPOP, so this is pretty good. To me, the song has a really catchy chorus. It sounds pretty good, and their rapping is also pretty good. However, I am not sure, but listening to the song, I keep on picking up the word “sex”. I understand that “sexy” is in the song, but at the start, during Hoya’s solo, I heard the word “sex”. Does anyone else here it? But beside that, this is a pretty good song.

The music video is pretty good. It was boring, but at other times pretty nice. Hoya is extremely awkward with girls, and a scene where he was meant to film ended up being ruined because of his awkwardness, making the director yell at him. Dongwoo on the other hand, like this girl. Just his problem is, what he does, does not match what others do. You see, he is giving flowers to the girl he likes, but when he turns up, there is a long line of other guys waiting to give flowers AND presents. Dongwoo, realized he has no chance pushes in the line, and end up running away because h was so shy. Pretty good story. Just the music video seems to lack something. I don’t know what, but it is lacking something. Also, is that really Primary? He took off the cardboard box, so is that guy really him?

The performance of this song is pretty good. The dance matches the feel of the song and to speed of the song which is pretty good.

8/10. Really good debut album, which is different from what Infinite usually gives us.

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